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Whether it's something personal like …"Mary Krominski ..will you marry me ? " or " Happy Birthday Aunt Helen …Love, Nancy" or a message for your business…. " Pogo …the best place to play games and meet new friends … " this is a great way to make a fabulous impression. Messages can even include a Hot Link to your Web Page. Let your creative imagination run wild.

SmartAss.Com is presently in Promotion Mode so now is a perfect time to take advantage of our low rates before we start quoting metrics and page views etc. and adjust our rates accordingly. Keep in mind that many users of our search engine ..view multiple messages repeatedly by playing our monthly contest.

Message rates are as follows:

1 month ..$150 …. 3 Months $125 per month 6 Months $100 per month.

All of which is to be prepaid before messages begin.

Of course, we reserve to the right to refuse certain messages that we feel are not appropriate etc. with your ideas.