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September 2012: Carol Harding, Toronto, Canada
1. Amazon 2. Nile 3. Yangtze 4.Colorado 5. Thames

August 2012: Irene Arvayo, Bullhead City, AZ
1. Waltz 2. Tango 3. Hip Hop 4. Cha Cha 5. Polka

July 2012: Kaleigh Cummings, Naugatuck, CT
1. Man o'War 2. Seabiscuit 3. Secretariat 4. Affirmed 5. Citation

June 2012: Guy Potter, Laughlin, NV
1. Daisy 2. Lily 3. Pansy 4. Tulip 5. Rose

May 2012: Crystal Palomeque, Raleigh, NC
1. Pepsi 2. Dr. Pepper 3. Mountain Dew 4. 7UP 5. Sprite

April 2012: Brian Wolfe, Ridgecrest, CA
1. Merlot 2.Chardonnay 3.Cabernet Sauvignon 4. Chenin Blanc 5.Riesling

March 2012: Lauren Gesse, Bullhead City, AZ
1. Bluejay 2. Robin 3. Crow 4. Roadrunner 5. Eagle

February 2012: Cathy Loria, Middle Island, NY
1. Pistachio 2. Macadamia 3. Pecan 4. Cashew 5. Almond

January 2012 : Gary Hoskins, Laughlin, NV
1. Rib Eye 2. Porterhouse 3. Filet Mignon 4. T-Bone 5. NY Strip

December 2011: Barbara Patrick, Cape Coral, Fl
1. Feta 2. Gorgonzola 3. Provolone 4. Limburger 5. Swiss

November 2011: Cristina Mori, Palm Coast, Fl
1. Chihuahua 2. Scottie 3. Collie 4. Jack Russell 5. Poodle

October 2011: Terrill Johnson, Philadelphia, PA
1. Cherry Bomb 2. Roman Candle 3. Bottle Rocket 4. M80 5. Sparkler

September 2011: Kyle Burgess, Holdenville, OK
1. Great White 2. Mako 3. Hammerhead 4. Tiger 5. Bull

August 2011: Kathleen Cavonis, Wilmington, NC
1. Fuzzy Navel 2.Harvey Wallbanger 3. Brandy Alexander 4. Mudslide 5. Margarita

July 2011: Ronda Inman, Shallotte, NC
1.Albany 2. Sacramento 3. Atlanta 4. Phoenix 5. Nashville

June 2011: Lisa Montalbano, Elmont, NY
1. Royal Flush 2. Full House 3.Two Pair 4.4 of a Kind 5.Straight

May 2011: Petro Vermeulen, Ugie, South Africa

1. Siamese 2. Burmese 3. Angora 4.Calico 5.Tabby

Apr 2011: Ella Newcastle - Disqualified for being fictitious name

1. Saguaro 2. Ocotillo 3. Prickly Pear 4. Barrel 5. Cholla

Mar 2011: Debra Affrunti , Islip, NY

1.Picasso 2. Rembrandt 3.Renoir 4.Van Gogh 5. Monet

Feb 2011: Erika Johnson, Bullhead City, AZ

Ronda Inman, Shallotte, NC – special consolation prize

1.Aardvark 2.Platypus 3.Armadillo 4.Marmoset 5. Sloth

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Previous Winners:

From February 2011 to May 31, 2011, SmartAss ran a SmartAss Comments Contest. The winning entry received a prize of $250. The winner was Mike McArthur of Cypress, TX :for "Any DumbAss can search the net, but it takes a SmartAss to help you find what you are looking for." 5 Honorable Mentions received $10 each. Lori Garza of Saint Cloud, Fl: "I'm about 1001 things and bullshit isn't one of them", Ed Harlovic of Jensen Beach, Fl "Spread your wings and Flail", Christy Higgins of Hoagland, IN: "My train of thought just collided with a shortbus", Michael L Rockwell of Danville, Va: "Teach a kid to Lie – take him fishing" and Richard Hansen of Green Cove Springs, Fl: "I had my say and they had their say. In the end no one had anything to say".